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3 December 2015

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MC Snipers Crew

I started out on my journey from an early age. -My father was involved in all the nightlife crowd. My Dad was once an artist himself before he fount his career in Lasers, Lighting & Pyrotechnichian. Now from me witnessing this from an early age I knew exactly who I was.

The Begining,

I wanted to become an artist. I fount along my travels I picked a love up for promotion as well. I started out being your average clubber/raver going for the love of music and seeing what the scene is about then having a day dream starring at the big stage thinking it would be me one day........

Well sat here today I'm proud to say I've achieved my goals so now I want to give it back To all the younger people like me who had a dream. I want to show people what I did right and what I did wrong and how I achieved my dreams in life.


It wasnt easy and it isn't easy now it's a hard life but I wouldn't change it for the second of it. My life went through ups and downs as a youngster people slating and hating on me saying I'll never make it. i stand proud now and calmly say yes I've done it and living it. I'm that type of person who has that solid heart of gold, I will help anybody with in reason of course but mainly giving my time to them. If I can relate to somebody then I will. I always believe in you give out good you receive great back sometimes I haven't recieved nothing back it doesn't bother me because it makes me wiser and the man I am today.

Living The Dream.

I have done and mastered the art of promotion I have performed all over the UK and also become an International artist/promoter 2015. Myself I love to host im that type of guy who will come on stage and entertain The mass crowds. From my early days as an average clubber/raver I noticed the gap in the scene so I went for it and grabbed it and got it.


Kind regards

MC Snipers Crew